“Quality, comfort and design solution in line with purpose and fashion trends” is a trademark of LEA O.D. Sarajevo, whose garments have been able to gain customer confidence across BiH in a very short time.

LEA manufactures uniforms for companies, schools, healthcare facilities and sports organizations, as well as the production of garments in all ready-made sizes for children, women and men.

Recently, they have launched their own fashion brand for modern women “Allure by Lea”, which they market through their own online shop and through boutiques in the Sarajevo Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton and Central Bosnia Canton.

Realization according to client’s requirements in BiH

According to Aida Suljic, director of the LEA O.D. By carefully selecting materials for the production of garments for everyday personal and professional use, LEA products have been able to gain the affection of BiH for a short time. customers.

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